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  1. Alabama head football coach Nick Saban, like most of us in America, has heard there will be a total solar eclipse happening on Monday.But while many Americans are excited about this rare opportunity to do some celestial gawking, Saban has a slightly different take on the matter.“I watch the Weather Channel every day,” Saban said after Saturday’s scrimmage in Bryant-Denny Stadium, per Michael Casagrande of “They’re already saying what it’s going to look like in every city in America. So, what’s going to be significant? Watch the Weather Channel and you’ll see what it’s going to be like in Portland, Oregon.”In other words, he’ll just have to look at the tape.Even though the coach isn’t all that interested in watching the eclipse, he said he’ll allow players to take in the experience if they want. But predictably, “That’s not something that I’m really that focused on right now.”Classic Nick Saban.
  2. We are at the doorstep of the 2017-2018 college football season, which means it's time to size up who the power teams are and who are the power conferences. Per usual, we have already been hearing the debates of the "Alabama is the best team" narrative. Can anyone beat Alabama? If anyone can, it would be one of those other great SEC teams that could do it, right?For the better part of a decade, we've lived in a world where it was common knowledge that the Southeastern Conference was the best college football league out there, and it wasn't close. From 2006 to 2012, an SEC team won all seven championships, and in 2011 both teams in the title game hailed from the conference. Every NFL Draft was loaded with SEC talent, and the league boasted an impressive roster of elite coaches.That's not the case anymore. Yes, the SEC is still a very good league and still in the conversation as the best. However, it is no longer a foregone conclusion, and people who mention another league shouldn't be made to feel foolish. Thi
  3. Bowling Green Falcons kicker Jake Suder was under enormous pressure during a recent practice when making a 53-yard field goal was the only thing standing between him and a scholarship.And wouldn’t you know it? Suder nailed it.As Suder’s teammates looked on, Suder readied himself for one the biggest pressure kicks he’s ever attempted. Bowling Green head coach Mike Jinks laid it all on the line after watching Suder enjoy a solid practice, Bowling Green spokesman Jason Knavel told Yahoo Sports.And Suder’s kick was true. In fact, it was better than that, splitting the uprights and clearing the crossbar with plenty of room to spare. And with that, a mad celebration was in the offing as Suder’s teammates enveloped him as they erupted in a celebratory frenzy. “Coach had two scholarships still available for kids this year and Jake was one of the few kids who they had on their short list as a possibility for those two,” Knavel told Yahoo Sports via email. “There had been no final determination on exact
  4. This just in: college football players sometimes receive $100 handshakes from wealthy fans. Chris Simms confirmed that once again.Two years after talking about receiving a few $100 handshakes during his time at Texas, Simms caused some headlines for saying it again.Simms, a former Texas Longhorns QB, talked about the $100 handshakes on “The Dan Patrick Show” Thursday. Simms noted that it wasn’t the prominent boosters who gave out the handshakes, but rather smaller fans who might exchange the money as a thank you for a player signing autographs. Simms, who most notably played for the Bucs in the NFL, says that the $100 handshakes happen at many schools, not just big ones like Texas.Simms is currently an analyst for NBC Sports.
  5. LSU may be without one of their best players during the season opener.Tigers head coach Ed Orgeron said on Thursday that he does not expect pass rusher Arden Key to play in the team’s Sept. 2 opener against BYU. Key underwent shoulder surgery in May, so LSU has known all along that his status for the opener was up in the air. He still has not been cleared for contact in practice.Key had 12 sacks last season and is viewed as one of the top prospects for next year’s NFL draft.

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