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  1. One could easily say that Central Florida is taking this thing a bit too far. It’s already known that the Knights are upset about being left out of last season’s College Football Playoff following a perfect regular season.We have multiple examples of those within the Central Florida program claiming that they, not the Alabama Crimson Tide, are the true reigning College Football National Champions. Here’s one example.That’s now been taken to a whole new level. During the program’s spring game on Saturday at Spectrum Stadium in Orlando, the Knights unveiled this banner depicting them as the true champs. Despite boasting a perfect 12-0 regular season record with wins over ranked teams such as Memphis and South Florida, former head coach Scott Frost and Co. were left out of college football’s equivalent of the Final Four. Instead, Central Florida would ultimately go on to route then No. 7-ranked Auburn in the Peach Bowl.If we expected this story to die down heading into the 2018 season, Saturday’s events certainl
  2. New Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt is laying down the law as he takes control of the Volunteers.Pruitt blasted some of his players after Tennessee’s spring game on Saturday, calling them out for a lack of effort. Pruitt was not done there. While the Vols announced a spring game attendance of over 65,000, it was pretty apparently to everyone who saw that this figure was inflated, with numerous empty seats in the building. Pruitt took notice and called out those in the fan base who weren’t there or weren’t fully behind the team. The former Alabama defensive coordinator has been tasked with reinvigorating a moribund program and has gone to work to try to bring back the glory days. It certainly looks like his strategy is going to be one of tough love and calling it as he sees it, whether it’s toward players or even fans.
  3. There’s another Tagovailoa headed to Tuscaloosa.Tua Tagovailoa’s brother, Taulia, officially announced his commitment to Alabama on Saturday at the school’s spring game, according to Rainer Sabin of Tagovailoa, a four-star pocket-passer quarterback in the 2019 recruiting class, turned down offers from the likes of Florida, Michigan, Tennessee, and Lane Kiffin’s Florida Atlantic.“He and Tua are so very similar in the many ways you can see just watching them play,” Taulia Tagovailoa’s high school coach Mark Freeman said. “You see a lot of Tua in Taulia because of how they both play, the throws and decisions they make. I don’t know how anyone in the state could have done more for their team did Taulia did for us this year. He came in here and acted like he’d been here his whole life. The kids accepted him right away, and that is why we were so successful.”Taulia will have some work to do to live up to the legend of his brother, who came off the bench to win the national title. He looks to be a legi
  4. Lane Kiffin is learning an important lesson about the mean streets of Twitter.The Florida Atlantic head coach posted a hilarious tweet on Friday, revealing that he had gotten blocked by an account that was impersonating him. Kiffin’s A-plus use of the monocle emoji aside, the impersonator account was created in December 2016 (the same month that Kiffin accepted his current position). It also reads “Head Coach of the Florida Atlantic University Owls Football Team” in its bio. Sporting nearly 5,000 followers, the account can sometimes make it seem convincing with generic coachspeak tweets that are tagged with a location of Boca Raton, Florida. It is especially difficult to tell the difference between real life and parody when it comes to Kiffin since he has proven to be quite fond of posting troll tweets.
  5. Former LSU star Arden Key is going to be among the most interesting stories during next week’s NFL Draft. With talent that should have had him as a top-five player off the board, there’s now a good chance Key falls out of Round 1 altogether.Primarily, the concern NFL teams have over the pass rusher is off the field. Back in 2016, Key took a leave of absence from the Tigers’ program. Few details have been released since, leading many to believe it had to do with substance abuse issues.Apparently, that is the case. In the lead up to the draft, Key is telling NFL teams that he entered rehab last year due to a marijuana addiction. Opinions and laws regarding marijuana have become more liberal in recent years. In no way does that mean one can’t be addicted to the substance. It’s also against NFL drug policy to partake in the use of marijuana. Obviously, this has teams a bit concerned about Key heading into the draft.It’s also important to note that Key suffered a shoulder injury back in 2016 and went through an un

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