Wed, Aug 15, 2018

Thank you for stopping by! I would like to take this time to tell you about the 411 Network.

We established a multi media conglomerate including, print, internet, radio, and coming soon television. It has been a long time coming for our team. However, the struggles and sacrifices have been well worth it so we can bring you the latest in sports and entertainment.


In 1993, I was introduced to the idea of creating a newsletter that would give the music industry in Dallas the Ins and Outs regarding the latest in the business. The newsletter, 411 Publications, was short-lived and after only two issues and ceased production. God had bigger plans.

In 1994, 411 Sports was registered with the City of Dallas as a legal business entity. Even though production did not begin right away, the journey secured career opportunities that would shape the business and provide the training necessary to operate the paper.

Finally, in 1999, 411 Sports, LLC was established.

Although work experiences equipped me to sufficiently run a business, I had no clue about the culture of newsprint and journalism. Fortunately during that time, I became Director of Creative Services for The Dallas Weekly news publication, where, for five years, new skills and techniques were acquired that helped me create the prototype for what is now, 411 Sports.

In August 2004, the first issue of 411 Sports hit newsstands and the streets in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Although pleasantly surprised by the positive reception from readers, the experience going from concept to execution has been one I would not trade.


From its inception, 411 Sports has always had the potential to become a Multi Media conglomerate. The time is now. In the next few pages, you will see how 411 Sports has evolved into 411 Network. This means, not only is there a print and online presence, there is now radio presence and a radio talk show.


As always and with any company, the CEO or president will tell you that the future looks bright. Well, I’m no exception. The future does look bright for 411 Multi Media. While we will always keep the personality of the paper intact, there are so many plans to add more than just content. To that end, I am in constant negotiations with several vendors that will allow the paper to become an institution rather than just another local newspaper.

Up to this point, I hope you have enjoyed reading the paper and hope you will continue supporting us as we continue to grow. As a valued reader, if you ever have any suggestions, questions, opinions, or concerns about the paper or any of its content, please feel free to let us know.

411 Sports Network is your global multi-media conglomerate designed to serve a diverse sports and entertainment market. We hope you continue to love what you see!