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Tue, Feb 20, 2018

The Benchwarmer

Cedric E. Lyons, Sr. is a native of Dallas, Texas, graduating from Duncanville High School in the top 10% of his class in 1989. He went on to obtain an Associates Degree of Applied Science in Visual Communications from The Art Institute of Dallas in 1991. 

Mr. Lyons has over 20 years experience as a Graphic Designer as well as over 10 years as Publisher, Editor, Staff, and Guest Writer for various newsletters, newspapers, and magazines. 

As President/CEO of 411 Sports & Entertainment (411 S&E), he provides the latest information in sports and entertainment to the masses in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex and in various cities across the United States. Published twice per month, 411 Sports & Entertainment is known as the only African American owned sports and entertainment newspaper in the nation. Mr. Lyons began his career in the publication business in sales. Subsequently, he served as Director of Creative Services at The Dallas Weekly. 

His professional and personal experiences have given him opportunities to speak at various events and conferences in order to motivate youth and adults encouraging them to overcome adversity by setting goals, completing their education, and being the best they can be throughout it all.

Desiraye Hill

My life’s goal is to make a lasting and positive contribution to this world, offering it nothing but the best of me. By listening, learning, reaching out and touching people through media, I hope to inspire the lives of others from all corners of the globe.

I’ve been told that I offer a distinct view of life. Sharing that view with the world has been a dream of mine since I was able to thrust my viewpoint onto the ears of anyone who would listen.

A hairstylist and makeup artist by profession, I have studied the entertainment industry from the outside, in. Nitpicking, revamping and redressing those people of the world who are looked at the most. As the host of He said She said for 411Radio, I will offer a slight raising of the eye brows and more than likely a widening of the eyes. It will be accompanied by an almost imperceptible inhalation. Your experience will add a beat to your heart, like a quiet exclamation point. Within an hour the reaction may have passed, but not without leaving its mark.



Meet the Professor! Miriam-Webster describes a Professor as one that teaches or professes special knowledge of an art, sport, or occupation requiring skill... and getting schooled on what’s happening in the latest in sports is just what you can expect from our Professor!

Professor graduated from SMU as a math major with a minor in Radio Communications/Journalism so when the opportunity presented itself to become co-host for our 411 Sports Talk Radio show, it was like a dream come true. Throughout it all, he remains steady and true to his love of all things sports and radio.

Get what’s happening and test your knowledge with him and the crew every Tuesday from 7-9PM CST!

How? Download the 411 Media app, go to 411radio.net, or show up right here to see them on Facebook LIVE!! #411Sports #411RadioNetworkLouis A Medford
I am currently married to my high school sweetheart, Kanetta Denise Medford, and have been married since November 2012.
I have five children (Kiara 19, Janiiah 14, N'Kya 11, Matthias 1, & Hannah 5 months), and currently work for Experian (4 years). My hobbies are bowling & shooting pool.



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